Tower Garden Seedlings Grown in Coco Coir

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We would like to introduce you to our Next Generation Grow Medium. 

We are transitioning to Coco Coir, which is 100% Certified Organic & OMRI Listed. 

Coco Coir is made from the coconut husk. What was once considered a waste and a byproduct of the coconut industry is now a major staple of growers all around the world.

Coco coir is sought after by most growers for its excellent water holding capacity as well as an amazing ability to transfer nutrients to the plant. In addition, coco coir is organic.

Our coco coir is minimally processed, which leaves the internal structure of the coir intact and retains its organic nature.

We have thoroughly tested over 100 different seedlings grown in coco coir on Tower Garden® aeroponic systems, and our results have been extraordinary.

Whether you are growing vegetables, herbs, fruit, lettuces, flowers, or microgreens; coco coir is guaranteed to work amazingly well on Tower Garden aeroponic systems and all other hydroponic systems.

Thank you for joining us in growing this amazing organic material.