No matter where you are located, winter weather will have an impact on your garden, even in a tower. In order to help your Tower Garden thrive this winter, we have compiled a list of 10 Things you can do absolutely rock it in your Tower Garden.

Tower Garden growing can be done indoors or outdoors. While many of our recommendations are directed at outdoor winter growers, these tips will help all growers in winter.

1.  Choose to grow wisely: Know what is in your Tower, not all plants do well in the cold. As a matter of fact, basils, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon don’t like temps below 50ºF. If your tower is expected to be in temperatures below 50ºF you may want to swap out for seedlings that fare better in that type of weather.

True Garden carries a wide range of seedlings that grow well in colder temperatures. You can grow lettuces, kales, chard, herbs, sorrel, celery, parsley, mustard greens, spinach, more lettuce, watercress, peas, beans, green onion, chives, collards, cauliflower, broccoli, baby greens, Brussel sprouts, amaranth, dandelion, and many more.

4. Check your nutrients: Plants, just like you and I, like more food in the cooler weather. So we increase the amount of nutrients to full strength. This usually needs to be added about once a week. In the cooler weather: 15-20ml A15-20ml B per gallon of water added to your Tower Garden Reservoir. If plants are showing signs of burning around the edges, then you may have a high concentration of nutrients in your reservoir. We suggest to either dilute this for a couple weeks with just water and no Mineral Blend added, or start fresh by emptying the reservoir and adding 20ml of A & 20ml of B per gallon of water to full your reservoir. You can use an EC Reader to help you gauge the level of Mineral Blend in your reservoir. 

Under normal conditions the setup of a Tower Garden calls for 20ml of A & 20 ml of B Mineral Solution per gallon of water. In a “Home Tower” 13 gallons = 260ml of A & 260 ml of B. In a “Flex Tower” 20 gallons = 400ml of A & 400ml of B.

5. Location, location, location:  Where your tower is located makes a big impact on the results you will get from your tower. Placing your Tower Garden can help with many of the winter issues people can run into. A tower placed by walls, that tend to be warmer, are likely to have a better regulated temperature. Whether indoors or outdoors you want to optimize opportunities for light and heat. Windows (when inside) or direct sunlight in the winter are ideal as they promote great growth in your plants and give them the warmth they need to thrive.

6. Plants, Lights, ACTION!: Lighting when indoors can make up for the winter grays. Shorter days mean less sunlight for your Tower Garden to do its job. Using the Tower Lights can give you the 16-18 hours of light your plants need to optimize their growth. These patented lights are tuned white using a 3 blue 1 red spectrum. After years of testing, the perfect lighting system for the Tower Gardens was created. The lights operate on their own built in timer that can be set to the schedule you feel works best for your grow space. The lights also give you the ability to move your tower away from a drafty window or from a cooler outer wall and still stimulate the growing process with the Tower Garden growing lights.

No matter what climate you are in for the winter, just remember that the team here at True Garden is here to help you grow. You can always reach out to us by using the contact form on this website or through any of our social media accounts.